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Alex Stimpson

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Alex first got into fitness at 10 years old, joining an Athletics Club that led her to compete nationally as a sprinter for a number of years, appearing on Sky Sports.


After moving away from the track her hobby of horse riding continued and she found herself playing polo for a few years. which took her to New Zealand, where she worked as a professional polo groom roughly a year. 


Upon returning to the country she rediscovered her love for fitness when joining a gym to support of a friend. After jumping around a number of gyms she found herself training at the Health Hub before applying for a job as a coach. 

Outside of work, Alex trains daily. Aspiring to be stronger than her colleagues, she enjoys lifting heavy weights. If she’s not floating  around the free weights area, she’ll be out on a horse, playing competitive rugby or cruising on a longboard with her German Shepherd. 

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