Sweat is a high octane high calorie burning workout, perfect for those who want to burn unwanted excess body fat and improve aerobic fitness! All of the exercises are scalable making it the perfect class whatever your exercise experience.



Strength is for those members who are wanting the athletic toned physique, by incorporating an array of multi-movement strength exercises this is the perfect whole body workout. The hub team have devised this workout by combining the perfect balance of lifting weights with correct technique and high intensity



Come along for a spin! Our high quality ‘Schwinn carbon blue’ spin bikes are the best in the business and are situated in their own sound proof ambient room, this class is perfect for torching calories and increasing your cardiovascular fitness! Our enthusiastic Spin instructors will lead from the front and take you on a ride for 45 minutes of fast paced, breathe taking fun.



Strike is a low impact aerobics workout developed by our coach Susanna Holmes she has taken all the best bits of boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai but left out the contact. She’s also thrown in some traditional aerobics to develop the perfect exercise to music class. Susanna has been known to sing a long in some of her sessions, as she likes to lift spirits and get the music pumping!



Sculpt is a high intensity strength class, where Hub coach Alex Stimpson will take you through various body part splits in specific sessions, Alex has carefully programmed these workouts to ensure they are progressive and effective for any class goer. Alex leads from the front as is very engaging with her ‘Team’.



BoxFit is a class for anyone who wants to punch out the stress of a busy day, with a. combination of body weight exercises and basic boxing techniques, This class is high energy hard hitting 45 minutes of fun filled exercise.



Ride is our very creation, a blend of a traditional ‘spinning’ class incorporated with bodyweight exercises. You will never complete the same ‘Ride’ twice. So be prepared for the unexpected.



Taking the Hub outdoors! These sessions are located up at the Driffield Rugby Clubs floodlit training fields at Kelleythorpe. Perfect for those who enjoy being outdoors! A typical class would involve multiple styles of training across multiple energy systems. Preparing you physically for anything! Perfect for all ages and abilities! – give it a go!


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