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Jamie Hill

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Jamie has been with us since day one, after he left the British army back in 2017 taking with him some valuable life lessons.  


Nine years working as an army PTI with the royal engineers, Jamie has learnt that to reach goals it takes hard work, consistency and determination. Jamie has a passion for all kinds of fitness and has a habit of being a competitor. He has represented the royal engineers in powerlifting, CrossFit, cross country and much more. He has continued competing in CrossFit and powerlifting since leaving the army and is open to take on any challenge. 

            Outside of fitness Jamie enjoys socialising with his friends, meeting new people and living the good life. He is a strong believer that life should be all about balance, as you need to enjoy yourself! 

perceived as a 'slave driver' but I assure you.. he is a sweetheart really!

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