Its important for children to be active and healthy from a young age. 

Research indicates that children who are not active are likely to become inactive adults. This is why it's important to encourage exercise and a healthy lifestyle from a young age. 

To stay healthy,  children and young adults ideally need to do three types of physical activity each week - aerobic exercise and exercises to strengthen bones and muscles.

The Health Hub strive to promote a healthy lifestyle, especially for children and offer the following classes which include an all over workout with a fun, energetic atmosphere.

Mini / Major Monster Rig

The Monster Rig classes are a fantastic opportunity for young children to get involved in fitness through a fun-filled hour of exercise. Held on our signature monster rig, this is a great class to build on your child’s functional fitness, strength and improve their cardiovascular capabilities. The Monster Rig classes have a real “fun” factor and a perfect way of making new friends and creating healthy habits in a safe and secure environment.

Mini/Major Circuits

The Circuits classes we are running by our encouraging instructors hold a huge element of FUN. We team fun with child-friendly exercises to create a workout that builds on your child’s fitness, confidence and team-building skills. Circuits is a class which is inclusive and scalable for any participant at all levels of ability.