Yoga Classes with Louise Wray at The Health Hub

Meet Louise,

I have been involved with amazing bodies for many years….30 years as a therapist offering Remedial Massage and Shiatsu, and 20 Years teaching Yoga.

In recent years my focus has deepened into Meditation teaching and Sound Healing, and this blends beautifully into the classes I teach today which are inclusive to all levels.

My style is to work with a deep inner focus, listening to our individual bodies and responding intuitively and creatively.

I heartily encourage movement and freedom of the spine rather than holding static postures, encouraging intuition, softness, letting go, experiencing Stillness and an opening of the Heart.


Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of Yoga with postures held for long periods of time with the intention of reaching the deeper connective tissues of the body – fascia, ligaments and tendons – with the aim of increasing strength, circulation, energy flow and flexibility within the joints. As our physical tensions melt away, so do our emotional and mental tensions, and this style of Yoga can lead us towards a deep Inner Stillness, and a greater sense of connection to ourselves. It truly has a meditative quality.

The sessions are accompanied by some great chilled-out tunes to help ease you into the rest of your day!

Classical Hatha Yoga will help to open and strengthen the body, still the mind, deepen the Breath, and bring us towards a greater balance. These sessions involve Relaxation, Pranayama (Breathing practice), and Yoga Asanas (postures). And OM’s!!


- YIN Yoga 

Starts Wednesday July 11th, 11.30-12.45

- Hatha Yoga 

Starts Thursday July 12th, 11.30- 1.00

Sessions cost £8