Our Humble Beginnings


How Did It All Begin?

Our founder Rob Murray, started working in his home town of Driffield as a sole trading Personal Trainer back in 2013.

With just a van full of second hand equipment he worked out of clients homes and local parks before opening his own small studio to train clients 1-1 in 2015.

In 2017 he took on the opportunity to open the Health Hub partnering up with Local Business man Andy Parker. In the hope to open a gym where everyone can train comfortably in a premium facility without having to travel to a city.

All the staff at Driffield Health Hub are local and personally connected to Rob from old school mates to team mates at his local rugby club or his family. 

This has created a very loyal team of very passionate individuals who each are an integral cog in everything which is successful about Driffield Health Hub.

             OUR CORE VALUES

            PASSION.                    TEAM-WORK.                  BE A ROLE-MODEL


01377 593333

Unit 1 McLaren House

Skerne road

East Riding

YO25 6PN

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