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The people have spoken and we want to help and support.


At Driffield Health HUB we have noticed that there is a lack of local support for women who are trying to stay in shape whilst pregnant or return to exercise postpartum. We believe more should be done to support mothers! As evidence suggests, some of the greatest concerns for women both pre and post pregnancy are, “The fear that it will be impossible to get their pre pregnancy body back” and, “Causing the baby harm or putting the pregnancy in jeopardy by exercising”. We intend to deliver the most up to date research to clear up any unknown “grey areas” regarding pregnancy and physical activity, nutrition and recovery.


Some frequently questions

 As you can appreciate, a woman’s body goes through a dramatic change to create and deliver a tiny person. Its amazing what the human body is capable of and can withstand! At Driffield Health HUB our experts have been bombarded with queries, concerns questions regarding pre and post pregnancy fitness and nutrition such as;

  • Is it safe to exercises whilst pregnant ?

  • How long before giving birth shall I stay active?

  • Should my diet change?

  • When is it safe to return to exercise?

  • How do I recover from a Cesarean section (or other complications)?

  • Is it safe to diet/ exercise whilst breast feeding?            

Just to mention a few.


What we are trying to create


We are passionate to help. Our vision is to create a supportive environment for women who’s aim is to feel comfortable as they work together towards getting fitter, stronger and more confident. A place where all the advice is solicited, correct and backed by the latest studies. We strive to make everyone feel welcome from all walks of life, where you can ask questions, share experiences and feel empowered!


But to do this we need your help!


We have put together a survey to help us understand the best way we can deliver this service and help mothers. It would be most helpful if you could donate some of your time and fill out the survey overleaf. Also, It would be most appreciated for any other information regarding the above in our ‘notes’ section on the other side of the survey.

Many thanks

Driffield Health Hub Fitness Team