Personal training prices


One to one personal training

An hours 1-1 personal training session includes a full hours worth of undivided attention from one of our expert trainers, a training plan to follow in your own time and setting of calorie, macronutrient and dietary advice and support.

Duration: 60 mins

Cost: £25 - £30 subject to amount of sessions per week

Semi private personal training

The exact same service as the 1-1 personal training sessions but as a pair or as small group for a fraction of the price. Semi private personal training sessions are great for people who would benefit from training as part of a team with like minded people striving for the same results.

Duration: 60mins

Cost: £15 - £20 subject to amount of sessions per week and participants 


Private exercise classes

A private instructor led class in either our spin studio, exercise studio or functional strength area ( the monster rig) with a choice of our full array of classes (including spinning) specifically for a private group, for example. Sports teams, businesses, functions or parties

Duration 45-60 mins

Cost £40 (price per head is negotiable)

Hybrid coaching

Hybrid coaching is a blend of in person coaching similar attention to the 1-1 personal training sessions but where you are left to your own devises. Week one. You will spend each session of your tailored programme with a coach (usually 4 sessions within the week) where you will learn correct technique, how to follow/ gauge your programme and adhere to a specific eating programme. After the first week coaching is from a distance. Mainly online where you can message,  text or call your coach for the reminder of the weeks. On your final week you will get a full progress evaluation, fitness testing and a follow on programme if you wish to continue. 

Duration 4-6 weeks

Cost: £100 - £150 dependant on specifics 

If you require any further information, contact us on 01377 59 3333 or click here for our contact page