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Health Hub Sun Beds

For non-members and members we bring you state-of-the-art ULTRASUN sunbeds.


Ultrasun E7

Our ULTRASUN E7 is fitted with the highest quality Collatan bulbs - you might ask yourself what's the difference between Collatan and UV?

Collatan Bulbs is the best of both worlds. It is a new technology that combines UV and Collagen light. Within the UV spectrum, special attention is paid to UVB light, as it optimises the natural production of vitamin D. The red light also ensures good circulation in the skin, giving the skin a beautiful and natural tan.

So by combining both lamps, one obtains a tan on the skin, and the production of vitamin D, collagen, and elastin in 1 lamp.

£2.50 - 3 minutes
£20 - 30 minutes
£35 - 60 minutes

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